25 Easy And Elegant Small Box Braids Hairstyles to Try in 2023 (2023)

Box braids are all the rave at present. This hairstyle is so versatile that you can rock it on any occasion. Especially the fact that box braids are a protective hairstyle makes it more appealing to black girls.

Over the years we have seen various hairstyles with box braids. Although the fan-favorite long box braids are always in trend, you can amp up your style by choosing different sizes of braids and pairing them up with buns or half-up styles.

Now, when it comes to box braids, there are different size options available, starting from micro to large ones. However, today we are going to talk about small box braids and how to style them in different ways.

Why Should You Keep It Small?

If you are a fan of intricate hairstyles, then small box braids can be the best option for you. In this hairstyle, the sizes of the braids are generally smaller than the medium and larger ones, so the hairstyle requires much more time and patience to be perfected.

It is important to choose a specific size depending on your natural hair if you are going for box braids so that you don’t end up ruining your natural hair.

The interesting fact with small box braids is that they last comparatively longer. When complete, the hair looks extra elegant and sophisticated. So if your natural hair is suitable for small box braids, don’t forget to give this style a try!

6 Steps For The Perfect Small Box Braids

Small box braids may look difficult to do, but with patience and time, perfecting these braids will become so easy! Here is a little guide to doing small box braids on your own, which will save you a lot of bucks in the future.

Step 1: Separate Your Hair

Take a rat tail comb and start by separating your natural hair into two large sections at the front and back. As the braiding process will start from the back section, secure your hair at the front for ease of styling.

Step 2: Gel And Part

From the back portion of your hair, start at the very end by applying hair gel and separating a small section of hair. Tie up the rest of your hair from the back portion with a good-quality hair tie.

Now with the leftover part, apply more gel along the hairline and create a mini section while separating the rest of the hair.

Step 3: Set Your Braiding Hair

Select good quality pre-stretched braiding hair beforehand to do the box braids. You can choose braiding hair in different colors according to your style and preference.

Take a small amount of braiding hair and divide it into two parts. Twist them around one another and hold one section of the hair with your left hand. Now put your index and middle finger in between the other two sections of the braiding hair, and then you have to put the piece you are holding with your left hand in between your index and middle finger.

Step 4: Start Braiding

Now is the time for doing braids. With the braiding hair that was set beforehand, grab the top of your natural hair that was parted and move your index finger, taking it in turns along with the braiding hair and the natural hair just like doing a cornrow.

This way your braiding hair will be perfectly fixed to the roots of your natural hair. Once the hair is perfectly set, continue braiding down the length.

Step 5: Braid, Part, Braid

Continue making mini sections and braiding them following the same process. Keep on parting your hair, make tiny sections, apply gel, and braid the hair. Once the back portion is done, move onto the front portion and braid the hair accordingly while maintaining the hairline.

You can make bigger parts at the edge on the side part of the front portion so that the braiding hair has more hair for the perfect outcome.

Step 6: Seal And Finish

Take a thick plastic cup or a pitcher and pour boiled water. Now divide your braids into sections. Take one section of braids and dip the ends. Keep on dipping until the hair is straight. As soon as you take them out of the water, make sure to dry the ends with the help of a towel by squeezing as you go down.

Ensure that there are no knots and the hair is straight. This way your ends will be sealed and you will have perfectly done small box braids.

Cute And Stylish Small Box Braids Hairstyles

Small box braids are beautiful no matter if you keep them flowing or turn them into top buns. There are infinite hairstyling options when it comes to small box braids, so we have rounded up the best ones for you. Let’s take a look at them!

Short Small Box Braids

25 Easy And Elegant Small Box Braids Hairstyles to Try in 2023 (1)

(Video) 🔥 20 WAYS TO STYLE BOX BRAIDS / BEGINNER FRIENDLY /Protective Style / Tupo1

Let’s start our list with the short and cute small box braids for the ultimate cool vibe. If you are a fan of short hair and simply want to keep your style compact, then this hairstyle is the best option to go for.

This style can be done in different ways. You can pick braiding hair that matches your natural hair color, or opt for a dual-color look as well. In this picture, black and brown braiding hairs have been used to make a simple short hairstyle elegant and classy.

Medium Small Box Braids

25 Easy And Elegant Small Box Braids Hairstyles to Try in 2023 (2)

If you are not a fan of short or long hair and just belong to the medium-hair group, then you can rock medium small box braids anytime you want. This style is classy and the length is perfect for keeping things just in the middle, so this can be your new favorite style.

This beautiful hairstyle has left us awestruck with the combination of braids and curls. The curly tips at the end are everything you want to make your hairstyle chic and gorgeous.

This hairstyle can be great for extravagant occasions, and the touch of subtle colors throughout the hair has given this entire style a new meaning.

Long Small Box Braids

25 Easy And Elegant Small Box Braids Hairstyles to Try in 2023 (3)

Box braids are best when they are flaunted like a diva. The intricacy of small box braids is visually pleasing when the hair is longer. We always love a braided hairstyle when it crosses the waistline and elevates the entire look.

Classic black small box braids are always in trend for those who love to keep things simple but stylish. Always make sure to choose good-quality braiding hair to keep the braids nice and set.

And if you are a fan of black hair as well, you can easily try out this long hair look with the beautifully done small box braids.

Small Waist Length

25 Easy And Elegant Small Box Braids Hairstyles to Try in 2023 (4)

Waist-length hair is loved by many women out there. You can achieve this desired look by doing box braids that reach your waist. Just keep the braid size small and you will get the perfect waist length hairstyle as the outcome.

This look is everything you need to achieve that small waist-length box braid look. The hair is beautifully black with small box braids that are neatly done, and the length is perfect for waist-length hair lovers.

Small Knotless

25 Easy And Elegant Small Box Braids Hairstyles to Try in 2023 (5)

Knotless box braids are slightly different and the technique is quite easy to perfect once you get the hang of it. After parting your hair, you need to start braiding normally with your natural hair. After braiding twice, add your braiding hair gradually.

First of all, grab a piece of braiding hair and place it between your index finger and thumb and continue braiding. Then add the second piece of braiding hair in the same process, and then add the third piece of braiding hair and continue with your braiding process.

This is a simple way to do knotless braids using feed-in hair. Small knotless box braids look so elegant when they are done perfectly. For instance, this picture is giving us all the glam vibe, and the length is also quite impressive.

Braids With Curly Ends

25 Easy And Elegant Small Box Braids Hairstyles to Try in 2023 (6)

Small box braids are already beautiful on their own, but if you want to add a dash of glam, then curling the ends of your braids is an easy way to do so. Small box braids with curly ends look so glamorous that you will definitely keep you coming back for this style.

For this particular hairstyle, after braiding your entire hair, wrap the ends around flexi rods. You can choose the size of your flexi rod depending on the type of curl you want, and separate the braids in sections to wrap the ends together.

Once all the ends are wrapped, dip the ends in hot water and dry them using a towel. Now take off the flexi rods while your hair is still wet and cut the tip at the end. Separate the hair properly and then let it dry normally. You will have beautiful-looking curls as the outcome.

This simple but elegant hairstyle with small box braids and curls at the end is our absolute favorite. The hairstyle is done using black braiding hair, and this is a look black girls can rock any day of the year!

Small Goddess

25 Easy And Elegant Small Box Braids Hairstyles to Try in 2023 (7)

Goddess braids may seem difficult to do, but once you learn how to make these braids perfectly, you will achieve the look of your dreams! You will need two types of hair for a goddess box braid-your regular braiding hair that is straight, and deep twist braiding hair that will be the main attraction of this entire hairstyle.

Start by sectioning your hair and doing a box braid. Once you have done about one inch of braiding, add your deep twist hair. Cut the hair in half beforehand and add it to the braid. Leave out one piece of curly hair and secure it with a metal clip.

Continue braiding and then take the other piece of curly hair and clip it away as well. Now keep braiding again and then place another portion of curly hair into the braid.

(Video) EASY SUMMER BOX BRAIDS! (beginner friendly)

Continue braiding down the length and when it reaches the thinner part at the end, take a tiny amount of the longest hair part, separate it, apply super glue, and make a knot with the strand. Cut off the leftover straight hair at the end.

This is how you can do gorgeous goddess box braids. For ease of understanding, you can take a look at this particular hairstyle. The length and amazing combination of straight and curly hair in this picture has won our hearts!

Extra Small Box Braids

25 Easy And Elegant Small Box Braids Hairstyles to Try in 2023 (8)

If you want your small box braids to be quite smaller in size, then extra small box braids are the best option for you. These are even more intricate and detailed in nature-you just need to have the patience to braid your hair to perfection.

This picture shows perfectly done extra small box braids. The parting is sharp and precise so it gets a neat look. The braids are done so beautifully that it is impossible to find any fault in this entire hairstyle altogether.

Small Box Braids With Beads

25 Easy And Elegant Small Box Braids Hairstyles to Try in 2023 (9)

Adding beads is always a fun way to make your box braids look more elegant and glamorous. We love our beads any time of the year, especially the wooden and transparent ones. If you haven’t tried box braids with beads yet, now might be the time to level up your game.

This beaded box braid hairstyle is so lovely that we recommend you to try this out. The braids are done using red and black braiding hair which gives it a cool and exclusive look.

The length of the hair is medium, so this can be a good option for medium small box braid lovers. The ends of the braids have been adorned with clear beads, which gives the entire hairstyle a touch of glam!

Small Bohemian

25 Easy And Elegant Small Box Braids Hairstyles to Try in 2023 (10)

Bohemian box braid is another name for goddess box braids. The entire system of doing these box braids is similar and they are just two different names to one style only. All you need to do is choose the curl type that will give you the best look.

We prefer the beach curl or water curl when it comes to bohemian box braids. The process of doing these braids may seem confusing, but practicing a little bit will give you great results. You can adorn your hair at the end with beads and other accessories as well.

Small Blonde Box Braids

25 Easy And Elegant Small Box Braids Hairstyles to Try in 2023 (11)

You can go all blonde with your small box braids by choosing good-quality blonde pre-stretched braiding hair. Blonde box braids look exquisite once done properly, so this can be your next hair look for sure!

We recommend keeping the roots dark for a well-defined and sophisticated blonde braided look. Apart from that, just do your regular small box braids, apply the necessary products, and seal the ends. You will be left with beautiful blonde box braids in the end.

Braids With Curls

25 Easy And Elegant Small Box Braids Hairstyles to Try in 2023 (12)

If you are a lover of half-braided and half-curly hairstyles, then you can try the small box braids with curls to give your hair a boost of elegance. This style combines two beautiful components which are box braids and curls, so your hair will thank you for making it look more gorgeous!

Just braid your hair halfway and keep the other half towards the end just as it is. Once all of your hair is done braiding, take flexi rods and twist the ends of three or four braids together depending on the size of your braids. Then dip the ends in hot water and dry them out with a towel.

Unravel the twists, cut the tip and you will be left with beautiful curls. Separate the twists properly and check if the style is perfect. You can also use curly pre-stretched braiding hair to achieve this look. We love the combination of braids and curls along with the dual-color effect in this picture.

Small Triangle

25 Easy And Elegant Small Box Braids Hairstyles to Try in 2023 (13)

Triangle box braids look so elegant and cool that you must try this hairstyle at least once in your life! Generally, the mini hair sections are done in a box shape in regular box braids, but for the triangle effect, you need to separate the sections maintaining a triangle shape.

Triangle box braids are quite popular, and especially the small triangle box braids look amazing. You can maintain a pattern of your choice so that the entire style looks more elegant. Long braids look extra glamorous with small triangle box braids.

With Rubber Band

25 Easy And Elegant Small Box Braids Hairstyles to Try in 2023 (14)

Rubber band box braids are quite easy to do, you just need to grab a handful of rubber bands that match your hair color, and choose your braiding hair accordingly.

Now for small rubber band box braids, divide your hair into small sections and start with one. Take your braiding hair and fold it in the middle. Place this middle part on your natural hair and tie it up with a rubber band.

Now separate two sections of hair from each side of your braiding hair. Blend the separated sections with your natural hair, so that you get three equal sections two work with. Now start braiding normally and you will be left with beautiful box braids.


You can also cover up the rubber bands using hair for a natural look. This style is easy to do and definitely worth a try!

Small Crochet

25 Easy And Elegant Small Box Braids Hairstyles to Try in 2023 (15)

Crochet box braids are done using a crochet needle, hence the name. You just need your braiding hair and your crochet needle to make the braids. The process requires a bit of skill to be perfected, so patience is the key to achieving outstanding outcomes.

First of all, divide your natural hair into mini sections, start with one section of hair and do a braid almost halfway. Then take a crochet needle and three pieces of braiding hair. Crochet one piece of hair into the braid using the needle, and then do the other ones as well. Make sure to keep your natural hair separated.

When the crochet part is done, braid your hair normally. This picture shows a beautifully done small crochet box braid hairstyle. The red ombré effect is so enchanting that we recommend you to try out this look next!

Small Extended

25 Easy And Elegant Small Box Braids Hairstyles to Try in 2023 (16)

Sometimes you may just end up feeling that the length of your braids is not up to the mark. This is when you can add hair extensions and increase the length of your braids. So let’s see how small extended box braids work.

For this hairstyle, keep some hair left at the ends. Now separate the three legs of your braided hair, and add extension hair from the back. Make sure to add the extension hair to the right and left leg of your braided hair. Then continue braiding normally.

After braiding for a little bit more, take one of your longer pieces and divide it into two pieces. Take one piece from there and add it to your short piece. Continue braiding again. In this way, you can achieve the long braids of your dreams.

Small Burgundy Box Braids

25 Easy And Elegant Small Box Braids Hairstyles to Try in 2023 (17)

Burgundy box braids are one of our favorite styles, as the color looks so gorgeous when the hair is braided. You need to choose good-quality burgundy braiding hair that is pre-stretched to achieve perfect small burgundy box braids on the go!

This exclusive burgundy hairstyle with small box braids is our absolute favorite! The braids are neatly done with black roots, and the color looks so good on her. If you love burgundy, then this hairstyle should be the one you try next!

Neat Small Box Braids

25 Easy And Elegant Small Box Braids Hairstyles to Try in 2023 (18)

Box braids look extra-cute when they are done neatly with properly secured and trimmed ends as well as baby hair that is perfectly set at the front. So if you are obsessed with neat and clean hairstyles, neat small box braids will be a great pick for you.

For this style, make sure that your hair is parted in a clean and precise way so that the hairline remains tidy and the braids are aligned properly maintaining the specific pattern. You can use ombré braiding hair for that extra effect.

Make sure to create slayed edges at the front. If you are a fan of precise and cute small box braids hairstyles, then this is a must-try!

Small Red Box Braids

25 Easy And Elegant Small Box Braids Hairstyles to Try in 2023 (19)

Red is a color that reflects the inner boldness and passion of a person. Many women love to go for red box braids to showcase their inner baddie. Red box braids also represent the fierce attitude of women who do not hesitate to be adventurous and take risks.

Small red box braids is another one of our favorite hairstyles as it is exclusive and cool at the same time. If the length of the braids is long, the hairstyle looks much more elegant. You need to use red pre-stretched braiding hair to achieve this stunning hairstyle.

These red box braids are absolutely loved by us. The hair is dark at the roots and the rest of it flows gracefully with the bright red color adorning the length. Also, the way the hair is set makes it stand out from the crowd!

Small Bob

25 Easy And Elegant Small Box Braids Hairstyles to Try in 2023 (20)

Bob cut hair is always a trend among women who love to keep their hair short. The compactness of a bob haircut is loved by many women with medium and long hair as well. So if you are a fan of bob haircuts, we recommend you try out small bob box braids.

This hairstyle is neatly done with a side-part appearance. The lengths of the braids are beautifully adjusted, and the ends are also tied up and cut to give it that exact precise look.

Box braids are beautiful on their own, so trying out these small bob box braids will definitely give your hair a new meaning!

Small Ombré

25 Easy And Elegant Small Box Braids Hairstyles to Try in 2023 (21)

Regular box braids are cool, but ombré box braids have that extra glam that will take your hairstyle to another level. We especially like the black-brown-blonde ombré hair for braided styles as they make the hair look more attractive.

(Video) 18 Quick & Easy Box Braids Hairstyles (Beginner Friendly)

Check out this hairstyle for your small box braids inspiration. The beautiful ombré has left us fascinated and the length of the hair complements the entire style. The braids are neatly done to give the whole hairstyle an instantly elevated look.

Braids With Top Bun And Hair Down

25 Easy And Elegant Small Box Braids Hairstyles to Try in 2023 (22)

Doing box braids doesn’t mean you cannot style your hair in different ways. Rather trying out different hairstyles on your box braids make your hair look more exquisite. For starters, the half up half down top bun is one of our favorite styles.

To achieve this hairstyle, you need to make a top bun with about half of your hair, and let the rest of your braids flow. This amazing blonde small box braid hairstyle is so fabulous, and the combination of top bun and hair down style is something you need to try!

Box Braids In A Bun

25 Easy And Elegant Small Box Braids Hairstyles to Try in 2023 (23)

One of the most common and beautiful ways to style your box braids is by putting them up in a bun. When all of the braids are turned into a top bun, the volume is so eye-catching! The bun looks beautiful and you can rock this hairstyle on any occasion.

Look at how gorgeously this bun has been set. It doesn’t require much skill, rather the style is effortless. Also, the parting of hair is done so neatly that we feel like trying out this exclusive hairstyle right now!

Black And Pink

25 Easy And Elegant Small Box Braids Hairstyles to Try in 2023 (24)

Now it’s time for a hidden effect reveal! Or should we say, Peekaboo! If you’ve ever wanted to dazzle your box braids with bright colors, then this is the perfect hairstyle for you.

The black box braids literally and figuratively hide the pink box braids underneath, so when you separate your curls with your hand, the vibrant pink braids provide a dazzling show. Pink pre-stretched braiding hair is recommended for this hairstyle.

This hairstyle is fun and funky, so you can try it out if you are a fun-lover and love to experiment with new things. This peekaboo effect can be created using different colors of braiding hair as well. Trust us, you will end up loving this hairstyle!

Basic Half Up

25 Easy And Elegant Small Box Braids Hairstyles to Try in 2023 (25)

A simple hairstyle is sometimes all you need to make a style statement. Although a basic half up may look like something way too simple, when combined with braids, this can be your dream hairstyle for everyday wear or any occasion.

This hair is neatly done using two colors of braiding hair. Four braids from each color have been combined to make a half up with eight braids in total. The style is so simple yet so elegant. It is a perfect style for those who are looking for easy ways to make their hair look glamorous!

Small Box Braids Care Guide

After you are done with styling your hair, it’s so natural that you will feel exhausted from all the braiding and trimming. But don’t forget that making beautiful box braids will not be sufficient enough to keep your style on fleek. You need to do the regular maintenance of your hair.

Since box braids require a lot of styling gel, it is normal for build-ups and flakiness to take place. This is why you need to keep your hair moisturized and take care of it properly.

To maintain the shine of your braids, use a braid sheen spray. We recommend using hair oil to keep your natural hair moisturized. Opt for a hair mousse and wrap your hair with a scarf just after applying the mousse to take care of the flyaways.

It is also recommended to wrap up your hair with a satin scarf before sleeping. Don’t forget to use a satin pillowcase because a regular pillowcase can ruin the style.


What is the ideal size of a small box braid?

The size of a small box braid is approximately the width of a pencil. You can look at the reference pictures to get a better understanding of the size of a small box braid.

How long will my small box braids last?

Your small box braids can last for 6 to 8 weeks. However, you need to maintain and take proper care of your braids to make them last longer.

Can I do small box braids on short hair?

Of course, you can. We have mentioned bob hairstyles for small box braids, so if you love to keep your hair short, these braids are recommended to try out.

Final Thoughts

Small box braids require a lot of time and patience to be done perfectly, so you must make up your mind before opting for this protective hairstyle. Once all the hair is braided, the beautiful outcome will make you come back for this hairstyle again and again.

Give these hairstyles a try the next time you go to the salon or carry out a DIY hairstyling session at home. Add colorful accessories and choose vibrant braiding hair for a glamorous finish. Don’t forget to take care of your style and follow the tips we have mentioned to care for your small box braids.


Image Source: Pinterest,Instagram


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