8 Crocs That Celebs Love—And That Prove Ugly Is The New Cute For The Whole Family (2023)

What do Kate Middleton, Justin Bieber, and Jennifer Garner all have in common? Besides the fact that we love them all (Beliebers for life!), they’re also all big fans of Crocs. Yes, the iconic comfort shoe clogs that are so hideous—they’re actually fashionable— are the “it” shoe of 2020, according to celebs and style influencers alike. There is even such a thing as Post Malone Crocs and Luke Combs Crocs (sorry, #soldout). And while we’re confused (just…why?!), we’re also not that mad about it (finally beauty isn’t pain).

Crocs for women and Crocs for men have become so trendy, in fact, that they’re ranking right up there with cozy loungewear, Birkenstocks, and tie-dye everything. And even if you can’t bring yourself to put on a pair of the classic clogs, there are plenty of other options, including Crocs sandals (cuter than they sound) and even fuzzy Crocs (comfier than they sound). To help you choose the pair that’s best for you, we’ve rounded up 8 of the most popular Crocs shoes you can buy online right now. Your feet—and your self-esteem after you get endless compliments from your stylish friends—will thank you.

And yes, there are kids crocs, too, so you can dress all summer long.

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