Commiserate in a sentence | 99+ Example sentences (2023)

1. I commiserate with her and ask how things are at home

2. Harry, who could commiserate with the activity after his day of studies, nodded in sympathy

3. Graduation requirements shall be set in harmony with the entrance requirements of the Higher Institutions of this State, and the corollary testing commiserate with same

4. to properly commiserate with Mick's obvious need

5. him commiserate with the adoration and love I had for him, or with

6. They would commiserate with each other and even laugh sometimes talking about old times when they were growing up

7. really stuck! Because now you have to give consolation or offer advice or commiserate

8. I could commiserate with her predicament, but at least I knew her story had a happy ending — fifty years of marriage, two children, five grandchildren

9. Silas wanted to go to him, to commiserate

10. ‘Hester, good morning,’ he said, then whispered, ‘now commiserate with me

11. should not be viewed as mere “clubs” where patients convene to commiserate

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12. In those days of dull and relentless tension, I had a friend I spoke to, often on the phone and met, occasionally, for dinner to commiserate with and draw comfort from, for he, too, was traversing a difficult period in his business affairs

13. Some of my so-called friends called me the following days to ask whether I was all right and to commiserate with my mishap

14. violent death of Guillaume Grandet, and they determined to go to their client's house that very evening to commiserate his misfortune and show him some marks of friendship, with a view of ascertaining the motives which had led him to invite the Cruchots to dinner

15. If only I had someone I could commiserate with about this invasion of privacy, about the way everyone was treating us like murderers instead of grieving children

16. For the most part all he could do was listen and commiserate

17. How dare his estranged wife replace him so quickly? What right did she have to move on without him? For a couple of weeks, he and his best friend, Frank Sinatra, did what best friends often do when faced with love lost in their lives—they began to commiserate about it

1. ’ I commiserated, responding to her warm embrace with difficulty – my arms full of her son

2. ‘Poor you!’ I commiserated, listening to his tale of woe

3. ‘You poor thing!’ I commiserated, trying not to laugh as she tries to drink a mug of coffee with only half her mouth working

4. Everyone talked, commiserated, prayed with her

5. in a Cadillac, so what the hell? Anyway, when it came time to wait on us, we ordered drinks and I commiserated with the waiter on the rudeness of the couple behind us

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6. Someone commiserated with me, upon rejoining a group of men currently not involved in the operations at the fuel points, the re-arming points, the briefing rooms

7. Everybody hugged and commiserated about having to work so close to Christmas

8. I commiserated with him, and he played some of my requests

9. Trask commiserated and said,"What's on the list?"

10. They discussed minor school matters, commiserated over their diminishing congregation, and sipped a coffee prepared and delivered by the housekeeper

11. Everyone recounted the bits of their holidays they hoped would impress, and commiserated at returning to school

12. They were met at Dublin airport and driven by Mick who commiserated with them

13. Dan had fallen in love with Gabriella in his senior year of high school in history class as they studied together and commiserated over the horribly jumbled and boring lectures the teacher would give

14. “Not all my favorite either,” he commiserated

15. commiserated with pints of ice cream

16. Jenny commiserated her loss and looked around at the pictures on the wall again

17. I commiserated with them


18. "Yes, I see," I commiserated, "Invasion of the Body

19. I commiserated all the more for her

20. Ah, confound you! What a change you have made in yourself! A good reason for taking to a man, that he shows you what you have fallen away from, and what you might have been! Change places with him, and would you have been looked at by those blue eyes as he was, and commiserated by that agitated face as he was? Come on, and have it out in plain words! You hate the fellow

21. I exclude others from you, there is nothing to be commiserated,

22. In Athenæus we find 171 the Samian Lynceus sojourning in Athens and commiserated as passing his time listening to the lectures of Theophrastus and seeing the Lenaea and Chytri, in contrast to the lavish Macedonian feasts of his correspondent

1. They were commiserating about recent events in the village and trying to find some sense in it

2. The others were no better! Instead of commiserating and offering condolences, they’d congratulated him on his freedom, and showed no more emotion about her murdering Bindi than if it had been a news item on TV about people they didn’t know

3. They spent a lot of time commiserating with each other, each believing the other’s job was as bad as his own or her own

4. “Yes, he is such a brute,” Calar said, commiserating with her daughter

5. ” said the spectator to the exchange, commiserating with glee

6. Or shall I tell you--I am anxious to make this letter long enough to please you--about Frau von Lindeberg, who spent two days elaborately cutting Joey, the two first days of his appearance in their house as lodger, persuaded, I suppose, that no one even remotely and by business connected with the Schmidts could be anything but undesirable, and how, meeting him in the passage, or on his way through the garden to us, the iciest stare was all she felt justified in giving him in return for his friendly grin, and how on the third day she suddenly melted, and stopped and spoke pleasantly to the poor solitary, commiserating with his situation as a stranger in a foreign country, and suggesting the alleviation to his loneliness of frequent visits to them? No one knows the first cause of this melting

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7. Silas shook his head, commiserating

8. the one who is commiserating with you is actually the

9. Then: this little popinjay of Kaiser writes commiserating to his royal cousin the Tsar of all the Russia’s who is at the very moment mobilizing 2 ½ million mean to attack Europe and Austria AND Germany: as they both tearfully confess to each other in private, in a private letter that does not go through the diplomatic channels of their respective govts, that neither one of them really want war but ‘alas, woe betide us’ it is out of our hands… “Though I have tried my best, I can do nothing to stop it

10. All eyes went to Roric, who did his best to bear up under the scrutiny nonchalantly, “I thought we moved past all that my dear?” Intoned Roric gently as he put a commiserating hand on Larc’s back

11. I took his hand and put it on the wheel and met his eyes and let him see the commiserating emotion I had for him

12. For Fie whose existence is everlasting and His glory infinite, and who alone knows all that is lost when His creatures lose life eternal-yearning over the children whom once that high destiny awaited, and commiserating us as the victims of malignant spirits who have spread the monarchy of death over all the earth—has from the beginning operated among men in His grace—in a kindness which has defeated the 'Man-killer’—in a goodness which is beyond and above the goodness of beneficent law

13. "I could see that you were commiserating me over my weakness," said Holmes, laughing

14. “Good help is hard to find, isn’t it?” He sounded almost commiserating

15. ‘What is the matter, Count?’ asked the countess in a surprised and commiserating tone

16. "I have been out commiserating with them for partaking in this wicked enterprise," he said, and added quickly, "Oh, not the wedding, for sure

17. As they got to know each other, they began to share details of each other’s life while commiserating about their joys and sadnesses

18. “What is the matter, Count?” asked the countess in a surprised and commiserating tone

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