How to Have The Best a Welcome Speech for School Annual Day - Template (2023)

Welcoming is part and parcel of any gathering that gives proper way of beginning of an event. It gives wonderful start by honoring the guest of the day and even other guests and all gathered. Welcome address adds a color for a function when it is done with proper way. Here I have given you tips how to propose welcome address. You can modify according to your need.


The galaxy of intellectuals, invited guests, parents, teachers and my dear friends a pleasant evening to you all.

Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul.
Dream deep, for every dream leads the goal.

Today is a special and memorable occasion one that we will remember in the year ahead.

“ It is the time to chill, to cheer, to shine , to inspire and to be inspired”.

It is honour to be surrounded by so many special people and to be blessed in the fellowship of this gracious occasion.

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“May the excitement of today enthuse you,

May its enchantment surround you

And may the fellowship that we share

create happy memories and smiling, magical moments

May the magical moments be many and memorable “.

We are the………………………(School name) / who on behalf of the Management, Principal, Staff and Students, full of engaging elation / and soulful musical rendition / to welcome you all / to this festa of floral / flow of musical feelings / and glow of gorgeous dealings / here at…………………(School Name and place).

Chief Guest

“The fragrance of flowers spread only in the direction of the wind. But the goodness of a person spreads in all directions”.

Amidst us we have such an inspiring personality Mr………………… who had battled against all odds and reached the pinnacle of success. He is highly passionate about uplifting the down trodden, alleviate ignorance by conducting awareness drives and infused hope among people. Undoubtedly he is a living proof and exemplar of humanity. His selfless service to the nation building as an……………… officer is noteworthy. We are very fortunate to have him with us this evening as a chief guest.

We extend a affable welcome to you dear sir.

May I now invite our Principal Mr………………… to honour our Chief Guest with ponnadi and bouquet.

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One tree can start a forest, One word can frame a goal, One candle can wipe out darkness, A true leader has a confidence to stand alone.

The courage to make tough decision and the compassion to listen to the need of others is an art Principal Mr/Mrs…………………….does not set out to be a leader but becomes a special one by the equality of his action and integrity of his intent.

The quote above said is very much filling to our Mr/Mrs……………………our principal, you are our leader. You show motherly love, give fatherly confidence. Your endless care, guidance and support prove that you are a great leader. We are really blessed to have a principal like you, with a thankful heart, we welcome you dear sir/Madam.

Vice Principal

“The more you take responsibility of your past and present, the more you are able to create the future you seek”.

It is my turn to extend a gracious and inclusive welcome to our respected Mr/Mrs…………………….. It’s your sense of commitment which creates an apt platform for us to grow both mentally and spiritually. On this great evening with merging of minds we welcome you dear sir/Madam

Religious (if need be)

“Nothing great will be achieved without great men, and men are only great if they are determined to do so” .

We welcome you from the depth of our hearts dear fathers, brothers and sisters for your valuable presence day. Thank you for remaining the fountain of the spiritual support, your concern and your accompaniment in our growth.

It’s our ardent pleasure to welcome you dear friends your steady hands on the deep faith,courage of convictions, vibrant spirituality, pastoral concern and unwavering commitment to your mission and determined efforts to take every one along in the realization of God’s plan.

We welcome you and wish you a splendid time with us.

Well wishers and Friends

Well- wisher is not a word, not merely a relationship it is a silent promise which says I was…, I am….and, I will be with you forever…..

Your good will, appreciation, motivation, support, and positive vibration has a great impact in molding ourselves for the integral dimensions of the growth of this great institution. With a spring in my step, anticipation in my heart and with a lilt of my heart I welcome you to this gatherings.

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“To the world you may be the person but to one person you may be the world”.

With immense pleasure we welcome our dear parents. We do cherish your partnership and collaboration in all our endeavors. We treasure your love and concern towards our second home. You esteemed presence amidst us today make us feel proud.

Welcome dear parents.


“The teacher who indeed wise, does not bid you to enter the house of his wisdom but rather leads you to the threshold of your mind”.

We take this opportunity to honour and welcome our dear teachers, who chisel and shape our lives and make us to be a good citizen of this society. Your hard work brings out the best in us. You unfold our hidden talents and creativity. Dear teachers, Undoubtedly your sense of commitment, sacrificial service, immense patience, responsibility, play a key role in our growth. Undoubtedly you are our role models.

We welcome you dear teachers with our grateful hearts.

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Non – Teaching Staff

“Creativity is especially expressed in the ability to make connections, to make associations, to turn things around and express them in a new way”.

Behind this success are great people who do common works uncommonly well. We would like to welcome our non- teaching staff, for their continual and co-operative support, who work hand in hand with us make us feel relived, moved a mile towards this great occasion. We welcome you dears.


Children are the world’s most valuable resource and its best hope for the future

Yes dear friends you are the gift’s of god, precious pearls of the society and building blocks of the strong nation. The institution and its manifold activities revolves around you, you become the center of everything. Your cuteness, frankness, innocence, discipline, uniqueness decorates this great institution.

Dear friends you have proven that this 5th parent’s day is not happening by luck, it is your hard work and perseverance that makes this occasion vibrant and colorful.

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A very friendly and a lovable welcome to you dear friends.


“All birds find shelter during the rain. But Eagle avoids rain by flying above the clouds. Problems are common, but attitude makes the difference”.-by Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam.

Ceaseless flow of thanks from my heartbeats my turn into a deluge which I know my pen would love as always

Thanks of the level of immense propensity to all the luminaries on stage once again and also to all the Parents, Guardians, Guests and the tons of untiring efforts of endless number of students and teachers.

Once again we welcome you all. Welcome, Welcome, Welcome.

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How do you write a welcome speech for annual day? ›

Greetings to one and all present here! I am extremely privileged to have this opportunity to address you all at this important moment for celebrating our 23rd Annual Day today. It is an honor for me to deliver my welcome speech for annual function. Today's children are the future of our state as well as our country.

What makes an impressive welcome speech? ›

Standard welcome speech content ingredients

to generally welcome all the guests, stating the name of the event and its host and to thank them for coming. to give a brief introduction of the host (the business, organization, family or person) to give a brief introduction or overview of the event.

How do you start a good welcome speech? ›

Choose a simple and straightforward greeting such as, "Good morning everyone!" Express your gratitude towards the guests for attending by using a phrase such as, "It's so wonderful to see you all here on this sunny day." For an event with close friends and family, more informal language might be appropriate.

What are the phrases used in welcome speech? ›

We are truly delighted to welcome you here today."
  • glad welcome. "It's a glad welcome we bring to you this morning, filled with the desires, hopes and dreams we all share."
  • hospitable welcome. "We're delighted to offer the most hospitable welcome we can."
  • amiable welcome. "Dear guests, look around you! ...
  • gracious welcome.
Aug 4, 2021

How do you write a school event welcome speech? ›

I would like to appreciate all the students for their presence all fresh, happy and excited about the performances which are about to start. I wish good luck to all the students participating in drill, races, marchpasts and other performances. Also, I pray that you all may do your best.

How do you start a speech? ›

Starting a speech: First words count

Thank you so much, it's a pleasure to be here. I'm sorry, this isn't going to take very long. I was only asked last week/yesterday/10 minutes ago to do this speech.

What are 5 things that make a good speech? ›

If you don't want to inflict the same sort of experience on others, here are our top tips for giving a great speech.
  • Practise your microphone technique. ...
  • Keep it short. ...
  • Consider what your audience wants to hear. ...
  • Pick a theme and stick to it. ...
  • Speak slowly. ...
  • Tell a couple of jokes.

What are 3 things that make a good speech? ›

However, a speech's length is only one factor. A great speech must also captivate the audience, be presented clearly and confidently, and have a well-defined message.

What is the best welcome message? ›

We're so excited to have you as part of our team. We're looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship. Congratulations on being part of the team! The whole company welcomes you, and we look forward to a successful journey with you!

How do you do a warm welcome speech? ›

I bid a very warm welcome to all the renowned speakers and delegates who took out their valuable time and joined us today to be a part of this conference. We are honoured to have you all with us. I would also like to offer my regards to all the people who made this seminar functional in such hard times.

What is the best introduction for a speech? ›

A good introduction needs to get the audience's attention, state the topic, make the topic relatable, establish credibility, and preview the main points. Introductions should be the last part of the speech written, as they set expectations and need to match the content.

How do you end a welcome speech example? ›

End the speech by introducing the next speaker and thanking the audience again for attending. This will make it easier to bridge the communication effectively from the speech to the next event.

What is an example of opening remarks for a school event? ›

Short Welcome Speech for an Event

Good Morning everyone, a very warm welcome to all present here, respected teachers and the parents, and students. A special thanks to the Chief Guest of the day (mention his/her name). It's an honor to be graced by the presence of such an accomplished author and entrepreneur.

What is an example of a short opening speech? ›

Hello, everyone. Thank you for having me. My name is ______ _______, and I am going to be speaking to you today about _______. To begin, _______ is important because…”

How do you make a school welcome? ›

  1. Think Family. Friendly. First impressions matter to ensure families feel that your school is a place where they belong. ...
  2. Embed. Respect. With a healthy school climate, parents see school as a caring place that students look forward to going to each day. ...
  3. Keep the. Campus Clean. and Safe. ...
  4. Make. Communication. Easy.

How do you start a 5 minute speech? ›

Opening: Spend the first minute of your speech introducing yourself, if needed, and introducing your topic in a way that gets the audience's attention. Consider a question, personal story or quote.

How do you start a school speech example? ›

Here are some suggestions you can try:
  1. Make eye contact with your audience.
  2. Start from the conclusion.
  3. Recite a quote or a poetry verse.
  4. Open up and say something about yourself.
  5. Use a narrative tool to start your speech.
  6. Make a joke or two.
  7. Say something not widely known.
  8. Engage your audience with a thought-provoking question.
Nov 11, 2020

What should be written first in a speech? ›

Introduction – The early minutes of a talk are important to establish your credibility and likeability. Personal anecdotes often work well to get things started. This is also where you'll outline your main points. Body – Get to the issues you're there to address, limiting them to five points at most.

What makes an amazing speech? ›

The best speeches include a clear, relevant message and a few great stories to illustrate it. Forget fancy PowerPoint presentations and loads of data. Instead, keep your speech simple, with a clear beginning, middle and end. Focus on one theme, and eliminate everything else.

What not to do when giving a speech? ›

Public Speaking Mistakes to Avoid
  1. Neglecting to Prepare. Neglecting to prepare is one of the most common public speaking mistakes. ...
  2. Using Filler Words. ...
  3. Talking Too Fast. ...
  4. Talking Too Softly. ...
  5. Forgetting to Make Eye Contact. ...
  6. Using Distracting Mannerisms. ...
  7. Having Low Energy. ...
  8. Misusing Visual Aids.
Mar 31, 2021

What makes a speech so powerful? ›

What makes a speech effective is your ability to connect with your audience and deliver information that is either important, entertaining or both. No matter how advanced you are in your career, public speaking skills tend to have room for improvement. If you are in the spotlight, you need to be prepared and polished.

What are the 3 C's in speech? ›

The 3Cs: Content, Clarity and Charisma are key to success at FameLab. Learn more about each and how you can incorporate them into your presentations.

Which two things should a great speech have? ›

When giving a speech, there are two areas that must be considered: the content and the delivery. Each is an essential component of great oration; you can have the most exciting information to share, but if the entire speech is delivered in a soft, monotone voice, it won't matter.

How do you say welcome meaningfully? ›

It's always a good thing to know multiple ways of saying something, especially if you want to improve your fluency. Below, we'll give you 15 synonyms of “you're welcome.”
Casual Alternatives to “You're Welcome”
  1. No problem.
  2. No worries.
  3. Anytime.
  4. My pleasure.
  5. Of course.

What is an example of a welcome message for students? ›

Welcome Messages for Students

We look forward to serving you the best education you need to fulfill your dreams! Our institution welcomes you! We will make sure that we will have the support and encouragement you as you embark on your academic journey with us! Welcome, dear students!

What is a sentence for warm welcome? ›

For example

We got a really warm welcome from the local people. The inspector was given a warm welcome by the principal, but he got a cooler reception from teachers.

What is the first step of a speech introduction? ›

The first step is selecting your topic. Second, determine your purpose. Third, develop your central idea. Fourth, generate and preview your main ideas.

What are the 5 parts of an intro to speech? ›

In this section, we are going to explore the five remaining parts of an effective introduction: linking to your topic, reasons to listen, stating credibility, thesis statement, and preview.

What is a good closing sentence for a speech? ›

Thank the audience

The simplest way to end a speech, after you've finished delivering the content, is to say, "thank you." That has the benefit of being understood by everyone. It's the great way for anyone to signal to the audience that it's time to applaud and then head home.

Which three things should you do in the conclusion of your speech? ›

Summarize the main points of your speech. Restate your purpose or thesis. Create closure, a sense of finality.

How do you end a speech without saying thank you? ›

Ask the audience a question as your ending.

This is a good way to ensure the audience will reflect on your message. Your question could be asking them how they're going to take action or to think about a certain topic. Make the question meaningful and have it relate to the main message in your speech.

How do you start an annual day? ›

Program Sequence
  1. Welcome Address.
  2. Welcome to Chief Guest on Arrival.
  3. Floral-Offering Ceremony/Lamp lighting.
  4. Ganesh Vandana.
  5. Welcome song.
  6. Principal's Address & Annual Report.
  7. Chief Guest Speech.
  8. Prize Distribution Ceremony.
Jan 25, 2022

What is annual day celebration introduction? ›

What is an Annual Day celebration? An Annual Day celebration is when an organisation celebrates another year of its being, and appreciates the students' achievements in all curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activities conducted throughout the year.

How do you write welcome in a unique way? ›

Alternatives to Saying 'You're Welcome' in a Text or Direct Message
  1. "The pleasure is all mine."
  2. "It is my pleasure!"
  3. "You're very welcome."
  4. "Glad to help!"
  5. "The feeling is mutual."
Apr 28, 2022

How do you conduct an annual day at school? ›

How to Arrange and Organize School or College Function
  1. Make committee members finalize the details.
  2. Select 2 anchors or compere to host the event and discuss the theme of the event.
  3. Rehearsal of compere.
  4. Invite chief guest and guest of honor at least a week before the event.

How do you end an annual day script? ›

Conclusion. Let's make the end of the formal function with a vote of thanks and appreciation and gratitude to all those who make this evening a grand success. I request -Mr……………….–to propose the vote of thanks.

How do you end an annual day? ›

Lets make the end of the formal function with vote of thanks and appreciation and gratitude to all those who make this evening a grand success.

What is the significance of school annual day? ›

It is an occasion of celebration, felicitation, feast and festivity when students present not only their wonderful performances but also receive honours for their curricular and co-curricular achievements.

How do you welcome students in welcome speech? ›

I am so grateful to welcome our students to the commencement ceremony (mention the name of the event). I feel privileged to open this event and stand here, where many accomplished people who I admired and looked up to once stood. A very special welcome to our Chief guest (mention their name).


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