Short Box Braids With Beads: 15 Timeless Designs This Duo Can Mimic! (2023)

The structure of one’s hairstyle shapes the final impression more often than not these days. And while hairstyles with volume, fullness, and versatility mostly end up being the frontrunners, hairstyles with accessories typically secure a strong first impression as well

Accessories like beads have played a crucial role in the fashion scene for quite some time now. They’re often worn as bracelets, necklaces, but are also taped near the ends of protective hairstyles like box braids.

In addition to their appearance, box braids are seen in a bright light in the styling industry due to their low-maintenance procedure. They also offer longevity to wearers and can seamlessly be worn with braids due to their compatibility.

If you’re tired of growing your hair or frustrated with the current head of box braids that you’re wearing, wearing box braids with beads could be an easy and accessible way to make things a bit more exciting. And if you’re interested to learn about the ways in which you can wear short box braids with beads, consider skimming through this entire article!

15 Short Box Braids With Beads That Reek Of Class

Wearing short box braids is easy when your main aim is to secure lengthier and healthier strands in the long run. However, pairing them with beads could be a wise move to make if you want to explore your taste in fashion to the fullest.

Short box braids and beads go hand in hand due to multiple reasons. In addition to complementing the presence of one another, both of them offer tons of designs to trendsetters. Be sure to examine the following entries to eye all the options that are currently up for grabs!

Short Box Braids With Transparent Beads

Short Box Braids With Beads: 15 Timeless Designs This Duo Can Mimic! (1)

Keeping it simple is probably the best way to go about things when pairing short box braids with beads. While the box braids won’t lose their versatility or flexibility and can definitely be styled in various ways, the transparent beads around the ends of each braid will tone down the aura of the look immensely.

This can be a great hairdo for beginners due to the minimalistic visuals, but can also be a good way for trendsetters due to all the looks that can be mimicked.

Short Dark Red Braids With Fabric Beads

Short Box Braids With Beads: 15 Timeless Designs This Duo Can Mimic! (2)

For an option that has a bit more vibrance and contains beads that are easier to install, this entry on our list, which features short dark red box braids with fabric beads, could be ideal.

While the flashiness in the hue of red may stand out the most after replicating this look, the fabric beads around the ends will also look visible if they comprise soft and light shades of colours. Even though white is the colour most resort to, you may even replace it with neutral colours for an edgy effect.

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Short Box Braids With Plastic Beads

Short Box Braids With Beads: 15 Timeless Designs This Duo Can Mimic! (3)

Another kind of beads that is usually worn with short box braids comprises a plastic-esque texture. They come in all shapes and sizes, and are extremely easy to use around thinly formed box braids.

Using plastic beads should definitely be taken into consideration if you’re seeking visuals that aren’t too loud and should only be worn with streetwear fashion at casual gatherings. They also pair well with snuggly outfits, making them a great companion during lazy days!

Short Box Braids With Glass Beads

Short Box Braids With Beads: 15 Timeless Designs This Duo Can Mimic! (4)

Various types of glass beads can also be used on box braids to amp up the visuals in a monumental way.

Although the way in which the braids are worn mainly shapes the outcome of the final visuals, the crystal clear appearance of the glass beads enhances the saturation of the hair colour, offering braids that contain more fullness, thickness, and texture.

Perhaps the best part about glass beads is the amount of options it offers to the consumers. The crystal clear design is definitely the frontrunner, but there are loads of other options you can choose from if the former variant doesn’t really fascinate you.

Cornrow Stitched Ginger Braids With Plastic Beads

Short Box Braids With Beads: 15 Timeless Designs This Duo Can Mimic! (5)

Cornrow stitched braids are already known for the distinct pattern they contain. However, when cornrows are created on fine strands of natural hair, they might lack volume and density; two primary reasons behind the look’s neverending success.

Seeing thinly stitched braids might hamper your confidence nonetheless, however, you can easily tackle that issue by installing a hair dye as bright as ginger, which will surely introduce tons of fullness. To make things even more presentable, consider wearing your box braids with plastic beads!

Cosmic Bun Box Braids With Patterned Beads

Short Box Braids With Beads: 15 Timeless Designs This Duo Can Mimic! (6)

For a look that comprises volume and length, this entry should be enough.


This option featuring box braids with framing strands and cosmic buns is only meant for parties. While the beads can be attached to every portion of each strand, they look best when clipped around the framing layers that fall in the face.

In addition to offering versatility, this braided look also contains the flair that can make you stand out in a room full of people. To make the look even more appealing, you can even try polishing up the braids a little by adding beeswax.

Middle-part Feed-In Braids With Wooden Beads

Short Box Braids With Beads: 15 Timeless Designs This Duo Can Mimic! (7)

Taking into account the massive influence that the middle-part haircut has had over the past few decades, another variant of box braids that can pair seamlessly with tons of beads comprises middle-part box braids using a feed-in method.

The feed-in method is usually helpful for those with fine hair, as the unit of braids that form using the feed-in method are remarkably voluminous. The best beads for this look are definitely the wooden ones due to their resilience and the matte-esque visual that each bead contains.

Side-part Short Braids With Beads

Short Box Braids With Beads: 15 Timeless Designs This Duo Can Mimic! (8)

Wearing box braids could surely be what you need if you’d like to grow your natural curls gracefully. However, it can also pave ways for those that would like to try out a series of looks, mainly due to their versatility.

While most box braids either consist of bold patterns or tons of beads, this variant of box braids offers more volume with the side part that it has, with a dash of flair due to the see-through set of beads around the ends!

Short Knotless Braids with Multi-colour beads

Short Box Braids With Beads: 15 Timeless Designs This Duo Can Mimic! (9)

When pulling off a look as magnificent as box braids, you can either go all in or keep it simple. While keeping it simple by installing small box braids will bring forward an easy to maintain routine and require less accessories, you shouldn’t dismiss the potential of this look if you’re looking to make the most out of this look.

Even though many might find the cluster of beads a bit unnecessary, we believe that they’re the sole reason behind this entry’s positive variant. In fact, with the amount of beads that this look will need you to wear, even the plainest design of box braids will look presentable.

Braid Bun With Acrylic Beads

Short Box Braids With Beads: 15 Timeless Designs This Duo Can Mimic! (10)

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Despite being resilient, braids can be prone to damage due to oil buildup and dirt. While using clarifying shampoo once a week can easily solve that issue on the regular, the time-consuming nature of it could seem like a concern to many.

Wrapping the hair and creating a braid bun is one of the easiest ways to shield your hair from dirt and pollution. You may use a hair clip to keep the look as low-key as possible, but can add acrylic beads and a bowtie if you want to make the visuals more enjoyable.

Top Knot With Multi-structured Beads For Kids

Short Box Braids With Beads: 15 Timeless Designs This Duo Can Mimic! (11)

Wearing braids is for everyone. And while it is always wise to provide your hair with the protection that it deserves throughout the growth journey, shielding your daughter’s hair is a decision that is just as wise.

A good way to introduce your 9-year old to braids could be box braids due to the simple procedure they come with. On top of being easy to create, they are also extremely trendy and can really make things fun for your toddler due to all the hairstyles that the braided look will allow her to wear in school!

On another note, if you’d like to learn all the hairstyles that your 9 and 10 year old can wear without getting in trouble at school, be sure to check out all the looks in this article!

Tri Tone Short Box Braids With Beads

Short Box Braids With Beads: 15 Timeless Designs This Duo Can Mimic! (12)

Going all in is easy when you’re experimenting with braided hairstyles, especially when you pair box braids with beads. Since beads are usually known for their charming presence and their vibrant appearance, a simple way to match the energy of the beads with your box braids could be made possible through hair dye.

When picking the colours, think of shades that match your personality. You may resort to blonde box braids if you’d like something that’s more volume-oriented, but can even install neutral coloured hair dyes for more saturation and fullness.

Zig Zag Box Braids With Plastic Beads

Short Box Braids With Beads: 15 Timeless Designs This Duo Can Mimic! (13)

Wearing plastic beads has been a fashion statement for decades now. While beads are flexible enough to mesh well with a range of braided looks out there, pairing them with zig zag patterned box braids should definitely be your move if you want to obtain the best possible outcome.

While the timeframe of the creation process is lengthier than that of the other entries, and the technique used could seem complex to follow at home, if you do choose to give this look a go, prepare yourself to be the centre of attention at all times!

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Spiral Box Braids With Side Parted Structure

Short Box Braids With Beads: 15 Timeless Designs This Duo Can Mimic! (14)

In addition to giving hairstyles flair, beads can also secure the hold of complex hairstyles. Don’t believe us? Take a glimpse at this entry which features spiral box braids with a side part!

This could be a great hairdo to wear if you’re all about accessorising, as it contains 3 kinds of beads. While the amount of beads used to mimic this look could weigh your hair down or cause some friction, consider giving this entry a go if you’d like to obtain immediate success in changing your appearance overnight!

Criss Cross Box Braided Bun With Beads

Short Box Braids With Beads: 15 Timeless Designs This Duo Can Mimic! (15)

Criss cross box braids are already known for their unparalleled structure and can be the best possible look to style with if you’re currently trying to expand your taste in fashion.

Although showing the length off could be a great incentive to wear criss cross box braids, when paired with beads, it would only be fair if you wrap the braids up in a bun to showcase the overall look with some volume. Doing so will also make it easier for you to take care of each strand over the course of 4 to 6 weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you’ve worked past the creation process of short box braids, installing one of the many types of available beads should only take a matter of minutes. However, if you still have queries regarding the hairdo’s lifespan, and need a basic tutorial on how you can create the look at home, be sure to skim through the questions and answers mentioned below!

Q: How long do short box braids with beads last?

A: Since beads and accessories are usually attached to the braids once the braiding procedure has been carried out, you can expect your braids to stay resilient for around 4 weeks. The timeframe can even expand to 6 weeks if you’re able to look after your hair, but might bring to the table repercussions like traction alopecia and cause a receding hairline.

Q: How do I create box braids with beads at home?

A: Creating box braids is an activity that can easily be done at home. While the weight of the braids could be a hassle to get a grip on in contrast to senegalese twists, as long as you have a nourishing conditioner, clarifying shampoo, a detangling comb, and beeswax, your box braids will be minutes away from being real! All you need to do is follow all the instructions in this write-up!

Final Verdict

Beads and box braids have always been mixed with one another to form timeless hairstyles for as long as we could remember, and will continue being one of the frontrunners amongst iconic hairdos in the fashion scene until eternity.

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The pair is a great combo not just because of the flair it has, but also due to how easy it is to create box braids with beads. Beads are just as plentiful as box braids and come in various forms. Therefore, if wooden beads don’t really fascinate you, try picking between fabric beads, acrylic beads, and so on.

Regardless of how old you are, you can wear short box braids with beads to give your natural hair the transformation that it always wanted. Therefore, if you’re already on board with the idea of wearing short box braids, be sure to pair the braids up with fancy accessories!


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