The Best Trendy Peekaboo Knotless Braids - African Hairstyles (2023)

When it comes to protective hairstyles, peekaboo knotless braids with beads have become increasingly popular for their effortless and natural appearance. Not only do they create a stunning look, but they also protect your hair from breakage and damage. One of the best things about knotless braids is that they are flexible and can be styled to suit your mood and personality.

The peekaboo knotless braid is one such style that allows you to express your creativity while maintaining the integrity of your hair.In this post, we have compiled 20+peekaboo knotless braids ideas that will inspire your creativity and give you the perfect summer look.

From colorful braids to unique patterns, these styles offer endless possibilities for those looking to switch up their style. We have scoured the internet and found the most gorgeous and practical styles that will suit different lifestyles, hair textures, and face shapes. Whether you’re looking for something bold and daring or more subtle and classic, we’ve got you covered. So sit

1. Half Up Half Down Style

Half up half down style is a popular hairstyle choice that has been around for many years. It is a versatile and practical choice that can be worn for any occasion, from casual outings to formal events.

When paired with peekaboo knotless braids, half up half down style can create a unique and stunning look that is both functional and fashionable. This hairstyle features sections of the hair pulled back and tied or braided in intricate patterns, while the remaining half of the hair is left loose and flowing. With peekaboo knotless braids, this style adds an element of interest and texture, as well as providing a convenient way to keep hair out of your face in a fashionable way.

2. Rainbow Peekaboo Knotless Braids

One of the most popular and creative hairstyles to emerge in the last few years is the “Rainbow Peekaboo Knotless Braids” style. Often seen in various social media platforms and magazines, this style flatters almost any face shape and adds an element of youthful charm to any look. The braids start from the crown of the head and then are styled in two low, loose braids with a bow made from a section of the braid.

This stunning hairstyle has become a staple in many beauty salons and is perfect for those who want to add a playful touch to their ensemble while still looking professional and sophisticated. By incorporating the “Rainbow Peekaboo Knotless Braids” style into your hairstyles, you can easily switch up your look and make a statement for any occasion,

3.White Peekaboo Knotless Braids

If you are looking for a unique twist on traditional braided hairstyles, you may want to consider the White Peekaboo Knotless Braids.This braided style incorporates colorful ribbons weaved throughout the braid, adding a pop of color and dimension. This style is perfect for those looking to add a bit of playfulness and creativity to their look, while still maintaining a polished and professional appearance.

The White Peekaboo Knotless Braids can be styled in a variety of ways, such as wearing it to one side, adding other braids or twists, or even accenting it with beads or other accessories. This style is an excellent option for those seeking a fun and versatile peekaboo knotless braids look.

4. High Ponytail With Braided Accents

One of the most stylish and fun braid ideas to try this season is the High Ponytail with Braided Accents. This trendy style combines the practicality of a high ponytail with the intricate details of braided accents to create a sophisticated yet playful look. The style is achieved by gathering the hair up into a high ponytail and then sectioning off portions of the hair to create braids, which are then wrapped around the base of the ponytail for added texture and dimension.

This style works best with knotless braids as the absence of knots allows for a smoother and more natural-looking finish. The High Ponytail with Braided Accents is a great idea for those looking to add some variety to their braided hairstyles repertoire and is sure to turn heads and receive compliments.

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5.Small Knotless Box Braids Peekaboo

The Small Knotless Box Braids Peekaboo is a trending hairstyle that is both chic and effortless. It’s a versatile style that can be dressed up or styled casually, making it perfect for any occasion. To achieve this look, start by creating a high ponytail at the crown of your head. Next, backcomb the hair to add volume and texture.

Use a curling iron or hair wand to create loose curls throughout the ponytail. Once you’ve achieved your desired level of curl, gather the hair into a topknot and secure it with bobby pins or a hair tie. Finish the look by pulling a few strands loose around your face to create a Small Knotless Box Braids Peekaboo, effortless look. This hairstyle is both trendy and practical, making it a great addition to our list of 20+ peekaboo knotless braids ideas.

6. Peekaboo Knotless Braids Yellow

One of the most popular and stylish peekaboo knotless braids ideas is the Peekaboo Knotless Braids Yellow. This look combines the classic elegance of a fishtail braid with the modern trend of peekaboo braids. The braid starts at one side of the head and curves around to the back, creating a flattering and eye-catching hairstyle.

The peekaboo knotless braids are braided onto the scalp in a pattern that creates a striking contrast with the natural hair. This look is ideal for those who want to add a touch of sophistication to their everyday hairstyles or for special occasions. With a little practice, this hairstyle can be easily achieved and will be sure to turn heads.

7. Knotless Braids With Red Peekaboo

Adding some variety to your daily hairstyle routine is a great way to stay stylish and keep your look fresh. The Knotless Braids With Red Peekaboo is a trendy hairstyle that combines two classic styles to create a chic and sophisticated look. This style involves creating two Knotless Braids With Red Peekaboo on either side of your head and joining them together into a sleek and stylish bun.

Not only does this look give you a professional and polished appearance, but it is also a great way to keep your hair out of your face and stay productive throughout the day. Incorporating this hairstyle into your repertoire can help you achieve a bold, modern look that is sure to turn heads.

8. Knotless Braids With Pink Peekaboo

Knotless Braids With Pink Peekaboo is a trendy peekaboo knotless braid hairstyle that combines the elegance of a braided crown with the practicality of a ponytail. This style involves braiding a crown around the head and incorporating it into a high ponytail. The peekaboo knotless braid technique adds a unique twist to the traditional crown braid with its natural-looking finish.

This style is versatile and perfect for any occasion, as it can be dressed up or down. The Knotless Braids With Pink Peekaboo is easy to maintain and can last for several days with the right care. It is recommended for those with medium-to-long hair and can be customized with additional accessories like hair clips or beads for a more personalized touch.

9. Peek a Boo Knotless Braids Large

The Peek a Boo Knotless Braids Large is one of the most stylish hairstyles that you can rock with peekaboo knotless braids. It features a traditional Peek a Boo Knotless Braids Large that is created from the hairline towards the nape of the neck, but instead of ending it there, it is continued down the length of the hair.

Once the braid is complete, the remaining hair is left loose and curled to create a soft and feminine look. This hairstyle is perfect for those who want a chic and sophisticated look, while still maintaining a touch of playfulness and fun. With the right tools and techniques, this hairstyle can be achieved easily and quickly, making it a great choice for any occasion.

10. Red Peekaboo Knotless

Red Peekaboo Knotless is a stylish and trendy hairstyle that can be achieved with peekaboo knotless braids. This hairstyle involves gathering the top half of your hair into a half up half down style and then using a bow to secure it in place. The peekaboo knotless braids add texture and dimension to the overall look and create an eye-catching contrast against the hair left down.


This style can be personalized by using different colored bows and adding accessories such as beads or cuffs to the braids. Overall, the Red Peekaboo Knotless hairstyle provides versatility, style and is sure to turn heads wherever it is worn.

11. Side Braids with a Ponytail

Side braids with a ponytail is a popular hairstyle that is easy to create and can be worn for a variety of occasions. This hairstyle combines two classic elements: a side braid and a ponytail. The braids begin on one side of the head and are brought together into a low ponytail.

This style is versatile and can be customized to suit individual preferences by varying the thickness of the braids or the height of the ponytail. It is a great option for those who want to add some interest to their hair while keeping it practical and comfortable. Overall, side braids with a ponytail is a simple yet stylish hairstyle that is worth trying out as part of your next look.

12.Blue Peekaboo Braids With Curls

Blue Peekaboo Braids With Curls is a popular peekaboo knotless braids hairstyle that is trendy and easy to achieve. The style involves pulling half of the braids up and securing them with a headband while leaving the other half down. The Blue Peekaboo Braids With Curls adds a touch of elegance to the style, giving it a chic and sophisticated look.

This hairstyle is perfect for both casual and formal occasions, and it can be accessorized with different types of headbands to match any outfit. Whether you are attending a wedding or heading to work, this hairstyle is versatile and suitable for any event. With proper maintenance, the Blue Peekaboo Braids With Curls style can last for weeks while protecting your natural hair.

13. Peekaboo Braids Blue With Beads

The Peekaboo Braids Blue With Beads is a chic and elegant hairstyle that has become increasingly popular in recent years. It is a perfect choice for anyone looking for a sophisticated yet practical hairstyle that can be worn for various occasions. The Peekaboo Braids Blue With Beads is made up of two braids that are weaved together to create a sleek and stylish look.

This hairstyle is particularly well-suited for those with medium to long hair. It is easy to achieve and can be done in just a few simple steps. To create the Peekaboo Braids Blue With Beads , start by parting your hair down the middle and then creating two Knotless braids, one on either side of your head. Once the braids are complete, secure them together in Peekaboo Braids Blue With Beads at the nape of your neck. The result is a stunning and versatile hairstyle that is perfect for any occasion.

14.Pink Peekaboo Knotless

In the world of beautiful hairstyles that stand the test of time, one look that has gained immense popularity is the Pink Peekaboo Knotless style. This is a modern take on the classic princess hairstyle – a style made famous by the likes of Princess Diana and Kate Middleton. The Pink Peekaboo Knotless technique involves tying only half of your hair up while leaving the remaining half to rest down your back in beautiful waves or curls.

The style is completed by adding a crown or headband that can be adorned with gems or flowers. This style is perfect for any formal event or gathering where you want to stand out. It is both classy and timeless, and its popularity only seems to be on the rise. Try this style and be sure to captivate everyone’s attention with its elegance and beauty.

15. Jumbo Peekaboo Braids

The Jumbo Peekaboo Braids is a unique and elegant hairstyle that stands out among the various options available. This style utilizes the natural texture and movement of the hair to create an intricate and stunning updo. The braids are expertly woven and can be styled in a variety of ways, depending on the desired look. Adding a bow accentuates the overall appearance of the hairstyle, making it perfect for special occasions or even as an everyday style. The Jumbo Peekaboo Braids is ideal for individuals with medium to long hair, as it requires a significant amount of length to create the intricate braids. The final result is a beautiful and sophisticated look that is sure to turn heads. Consider trying out the braided Jumbo Peekaboo Braids among the various peekaboo knotless braid ideas to elevate your hairstyle game in 2023.

16. Side Braids with Curly Ends

The fashion trend of braiding hair has been around for centuries. In recent years, braiding styles have evolved and grown in popularity. One such style that has gained a lot of attention is the Side Braids with Curly Ends. These braids involve creating two braids on either side of the head, leaving a section of hair in the middle.

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The ends of the braids are styled in loose, curly ends that add volume and bounce to the hair. This particular style is perfect for those looking for a fun and flirty look that can be worn on a day-to-day basis or for a special occasion. The side braids with curly ends are perfect for all hair types and can be customized to suit individual preferences. They are easy to maintain and can be rocked with any outfit, making them a popular choice for anyone looking for a stylish and effortless hairstyle. The popularity of this style is expected to continue well into 2023, and it is one of the top 20+ peekaboo knotless braids ideas to try.

17.Blue Peekaboo Knotless Braids

The Peekaboo knotless braids hairstyle has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. One particular variation of this hairstyle, the Blue Peekaboo Knotless Braids, has become a favorite for many women. This style features two braids, each hanging on either side of the head and secured with bright and colorful flowers.

The braids can be styled in a variety of patterns and sizes, giving room for creativity and personalization. This hairstyle can be perfect for a casual outing, a dinner party, or even a wedding. It is easy to maintain, long-lasting, and can be done by a professional hairstylist or DIY. With its versatility and elegance, it is no surprise that the Blue Peekaboo Knotless Braids hairstyle is one of the top Peekaboo knotless braids ideas to explore in 2023.

18. Brown Peekaboo Knotless Braids

Brown Peekaboo Knotless Braids is a popular hairstyle that combines the elegance of a waterfall braid with the casual flair of a messy bun. It’s a perfect choice for those looking for a stylish and practical hairstyle, to be worn on a daily basis or special events. The Brown Peekaboo Knotless Braids has a unique appearance, which creates a flowing pattern, while the messy bun can be styled in many different ways, adding a touch of versatility to the look.

The braid and the bun blend together seamlessly, creating a chic, yet effortless hairstyle with a perfect balance of texture and volume. This style is great for formal events, as well as outdoor activities, giving you a trendy look that lasts all day. The Brown Peekaboo Knotless Braids is a versatile hairstyle that can be customized to suit any face shape, hair type, and personal style.

19. Zigzag Braids with a Bow

Zigzag Braids with a Bow is a popular hairstyle choice for those who prefer braids with an added touch of creativity. The zigzag pattern adds a unique twist to traditional braids, making them look both stylish and playful. A bow is then added to the end of each braid, giving the hairstyle an additional feminine touch.

This style is achieved by parting the hair into small sections and braiding each section in a zigzag pattern. Once the braids are completed, a bow is added to the end of each braid. This style is often seen at special occasions such as proms and weddings, but it can be worn everyday as well. Zigzag Braids with a Bow is just one of the many ideas to consider when searching for creative peekaboo knotless braids.

20. Braided Ponytail with a Bow

The Braided Ponytail with a Bow is a stylish and sophisticated hairstyle that has been gaining popularity in recent times. It is a stunning variation of traditional ponytail styles with a chic braided twist complemented by an elegant bow. This hairstyle is perfect for the modern woman wanting to make a statement.

The ponytail’s braids add texture and depth to the hair, while the bow enhances the simple yet sleek look of the braid. This chic and playful style is not only easy to do, but it can also be tweaked to be more formal or casual, making it perfect for any occasion. If you’re looking for a hairstyle that is unique and expressive, then the Braided Ponytail with a Bow is definitely a great choice to try out.

In conclusion, the peekaboo knotless braids hairstyle is a trendy and beautiful way to add some fun to your braids. With over 20 variations, there is sure to be a look that suits your personality and style.

These braids are not only visually stunning but also offer a low-maintenance and protective style for your hair. Whether you go for colorful extensions or stick with a natural look, these braids are a great option for anyone looking to switch up their hair game. So, go ahead and explore the many ways you can rock peekaboo knotless braids and turn heads everywhere you go.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.Are knotless braids good for edges?

Knotless braids are generally considered better for edges compared to traditional braids. The technique involves starting the braids without a knot at the base, reducing tension on the hairline and minimizing the risk of hair breakage and traction alopecia. The gradual increase in tension throughout the braid also provides a more comfortable and secure style. However, proper installation and maintenance are still crucial to protect the edges, and avoiding excessive tension or prolonged wear is recommended to maintain healthy edges.

2.Does hair grow in knotless braids?

Yes, hair can grow while wearing knotless braids. Knotless braids are a protective hairstyle that can promote hair growth when installed and maintained properly. The technique reduces tension on the hairline and scalp, minimizing the risk of hair breakage and traction alopecia. Additionally, knotless braids allow for better access to the scalp, making it easier to care for and moisturize the hair, which is essential for healthy hair growth. It’s important to note that individual hair growth rates may vary, and proper installation and maintenance are key to ensure the health of the hair and scalp.

3.Can I do peekaboo hair at home?

Yes, you can do peekaboo hair at home, but it is recommended to have some experience with hair dyeing or seek assistance from someone who does. The process involves selecting sections of hair and applying a different color underneath, creating a peekaboo effect when styled. You’ll need to section, bleach, and dye the chosen strands of hair carefully. Make sure to follow safety precautions, use quality products, and consider consulting online tutorials or professional guidance to achieve the desired result while minimizing the risk of damage to your hair.

3.Will my hair grow with knotless braids?

Yes, your hair can still grow while wearing knotless braids. Knotless braids are a protective hairstyle that reduces tension on the scalp and hairline, minimizing the risk of breakage and promoting healthy hair growth. However, it’s important to ensure that the braids are installed and maintained properly, avoiding excessive tension and providing regular care for your natural hair and scalp. Good hair care practices, such as moisturizing and protecting the hair, can support healthy growth while wearing knotless braids.

4.How many attachment can I use for knotless braids?

In knotless braids, typically only one attachment is used per braid. The technique involves gradually adding hair extensions as the braid progresses, without using a knot at the base. This creates a more natural and lightweight look, as well as reduces tension on the scalp and hairline. Using multiple attachments for a single knotless braid can add unnecessary weight and tension, increasing the risk of discomfort, breakage, and damage to the hair and scalp. It’s generally recommended to stick to one attachment per braid for optimal results and hair health.

5.What are peek a boo knotless braids?

Peekaboo knotless braids are a variation of knotless braids where sections of hair are left unbraided or parted, creating a peekaboo effect. These sections are typically dyed in a contrasting color or adorned with accessories to add visual interest and uniqueness to the hairstyle. The peekaboo effect allows the colored or styled sections to be visible when the hair is styled or moved, adding dimension and a playful touch to the overall look. It’s a creative way to customize knotless braids and express personal style.

6.What are peekaboo braids and why are they trending?

Peekaboo braids are a popular hairstyle where small sections of hair are left unbraided or loosely braided, creating a peekaboo effect. These sections are often dyed in vibrant colors or adorned with beads, cuffs, or other accessories for added visual impact. Peekaboo braids are trending because they offer a versatile and eye-catching look that allows for personal expression and creativity. They provide an opportunity to experiment with color, texture, and styling, giving individuals a unique and fashionable hairstyle that stands out. Additionally, social media platforms have helped popularize and showcase various peekaboo braid styles, contributing to their growing trend.

7.How long should you keep braids in to see growth?

To see noticeable growth while wearing braids, it is generally recommended to keep them in for about 8-12 weeks. This time frame allows the hair to be protected and undisturbed, reducing the risk of breakage and promoting healthy growth. However, individual hair growth rates may vary, so it’s essential to listen to your hair and scalp’s needs. Additionally, proper maintenance during the wearing period, including moisturizing the scalp and keeping the hair clean, can contribute to optimal hair growth.

8.Why am I losing so much hair after braids?

Experiencing hair shedding after removing braids is normal. The shedding is often attributed to the natural hair growth cycle, where old hairs shed to make room for new growth. Additionally, during the braiding process, hair strands that are already in the shedding phase may be loosened and appear as excessive hair loss. However, if you notice excessive hair breakage, it may indicate improper installation, excessive tension, or inadequate maintenance during the braiding period. Ensuring proper installation techniques, minimizing tension, and providing proper care can help reduce hair breakage after braids.

9.What happens if you wear braids all the time?

Wearing braids all the time can have both positive and negative effects. The positive side includes convenience, low maintenance, and protecting the hair from environmental damage. However, constant tension from tight braids can lead to hair breakage, thinning, and traction alopecia (hair loss caused by pulling). It’s important to give your hair breaks between braiding styles, avoid excessive tension, and maintain proper hair care to minimize these risks. Consulting a professional hairstylist and being attentive to your hair’s health are key to preventing potential issues.

10.Can you wet cornrows everyday?

Wetting cornrows every day is not recommended. Cornrows are a hairstyle where sections of hair are tightly braided close to the scalp. Wetting the hair daily can cause the style to loosen and lose its shape, leading to frizz and potentially damaging the hair. It’s generally advisable to limit wetting cornrows to occasional washing or refreshing using a spray bottle with water or a moisturizing product. Regular maintenance, such as oiling the scalp and using a satin scarf or bonnet at night, can help preserve the style and keep the hair healthy.

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11.Is it OK to sleep with cornrows?

Yes, it is generally okay to sleep with cornrows. Sleeping with cornrows can help preserve the style and prevent frizz. However, it is important to take some precautions. Use a satin scarf or bonnet to protect the cornrows and reduce friction against your pillow. This will help prevent frizz and maintain the style for longer. Additionally, make sure the cornrows are not too tight, as this can cause discomfort and potential damage to the hair and scalp. Proper care and maintenance will ensure that sleeping with cornrows is safe and beneficial.


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